As brands evolve they hit inflection points, thresholds to growth they need to break through. Some of these thresholds are created by opportunity. Others are driven by necessity. We work with you to lead your brand through your unique time, to define the moment for your brand’s transformation.

The “1143” of our name is inspired by a defining moment, an opportunity to capture all the potential the future holds. Our singular pursuit is to help you capture the potential of your brand’s defining moment.

Progressive. Nimble. Proven.

We build a unique team around each unique engagement. Strategists, creatives and innovative thinkers assembled around you and your needs. Some teams are large. Some are small. But regardless of size, each team we bring to an initiative will be experienced in perspective, provocative in thinking and proven in performance. From creative independents to corporate vagabonds to established agencies, we’ll assemble the right combination of minds to drive your growth.

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studio1143 was created to bring together interesting people to tackle interesting opportunities. Not a ‘traditional agency’ or me as a standalone consultant but a strategic and creative think tank driven by a collaboration of people from across the branding, marketing and creative landscape. When you engage studio1143 you’re hiring my ability to define the right path to realize your opportunity, and bring together the right people to drive your brand down that path.

I bring over 30 years of branding, marketing and creative campaign experience across B2C, B2B and non-profit brands and categories from ad agencies in New York and Detroit, and marketing leadership roles with The Coca-Cola Company, Noodles & Company and BigTray.com.

I don’t have all the answers. But I’ll be relentless in working to find your answers. And we just might have some fun together along the way.

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